Here I come…Bali (W Retreat & Spa)

After more than a million miles and 2 year in hotels/resorts, this resort has to be one of the best I’ve ever stayed in. I enjoyed my experience at the hotel grounds because of its relaxed atmosphere and competent staff. Considering that the property itself was huge, I loved that it was open concept too. Theres nothing like leaving your hotel room and having direct access to open air. 😍

We ended up staying at the resort the entire time, mainly to avoid heat strokes. No exaggeration, the weather was THAT hot mixed with alot of humidity. I’m someone that can put aside the discomfort and make the best of situations buuuut alas… Luckily the W Bali had everything going on. So beautiful and right on the beach. It was incredible to wake up early and watch the waves all to myself. Perfect for surfers seeing that it was the biggest and longes waves. It really is an outstanding resort starting from the welcome drinks and the pampering all throughout your stay. Incredible staff!!! Amazing restaurants overlooking the water and the breakfast buffet was topnotch quality. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and with our status with SPG, its included in our stay so naturally we pigged out a little. Ohh but they made it sooo easy. Image the kitchen to be a mash up of a bakery, farmers market, a fancy ball serving hors d’oeuvres and chocolate fountains. Yes, multiple ones.

There are numerous activities and events at the property including yoga classes, tea parties and famous dj appearances. Every Saturday the resort opens the doors for a huge dance party! Sucks it was only one day of the week but I suppose that’s the idea of a retreat. The tea party theme here was “The Mad Hatter” and I’ve yet to see anything resembling that creative level of presentation. Refer to piks.

Mike and I didnt know we would be in town for Nyepi “Day of Silence”. That was the highlight of my trip and a great surprise. We were really interested and curious to experience Balinese culture. Nyepi is New Years and people celebrate it by fasting and meditating. Everything and everywhere is shut down. No lights, music, eating, talking or working. The beaches were deserted. The day before Nyepi, the locals march through town (stopped by our resort too yaay!) holding “Ogoh-Ogoh”. Its a large grotesque figurine which represents demons and at the end of the parade its lit on fire as a symbol of self purification. It was great to join the parade chasing off evil spirits. The next day was very peaceful and people start anew.

What are your favorite vacations?  Let me know in the comment, thanks for reading!

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