Neutral Tones

Hey readers! I cant begin to tell you how busy and tiresome traveling is. And I am not even a month into it. So far, Mike and I have visited Charleston, New York and LA. As I’m writing this, I am sitting inside the Fiji airport Kal lounge during my layover to New Zealand. The weather is rainy but humid. To me, this is actually kinda perfect. I gotta say, its not a bad way to start the New Year. Oh, and I hope you guys had a fabulous New Years! 

We kept ourselves busy in the cities and did possibly everything a couple of tourists could do. I am excited to post in my travel section (whenever that is) as soon as I figure out a good schedule for me. So please check for new updates! 

Anyways, todays post will be about neutral tones. 

Neutrals are the easiest to mix and match. It’ll make your life a loot easier especially when traveling. Packing for a year long trip was of course very difficult. Obviously, a first world problem but making most of your wardrobe go together is WORK and requires good planning. I dont want to wake up every morning ransacking my luggage trying to put together an outfit then clean up then repeat etc… etc…

I wouldn’t say they make great statement pieces but thats the exact reason why I love neutrals. I love how they blend, not just with other colors but other patterns too! The outfit I am wearing is all neutral tones from head to toe. Enjoy! 


Cardigan: Similar

Bodysuit: Here

Skirt: Here

Bag: Lady Dior

Shoes: So Kate

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  1. Tseke says:

    Love your style and confidence. You go Girl! I am impressed.


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