Trench Coat Army

Over the years, trench coats have come in many different styles. Whether if it’s embellished, simple, black, beige, loose, fitted…the trench shape remains the same but the detailings are everchanging … and fresh. My favorite characteristics are the classics, such as the belted cuffs, buttoned shoulder epaulettes and the back slits. I bought this Burberry Heritage Trench coat for its classic design but also for it’s blingyness. It’s really the best of both worlds!! It’s simple yet the statement gold buttons and the brown leather trimmings really enhances the design. I bought this piece a while back and I’ve gotten so much mileage out of it since then. Happy girl!

If you are considering of buying a trench coat for the first time and if you like the classics, then I suggest you buy a beige knee high for its versatility. You can pair it with pumps or ballet flats, it will make you look super chic and elegant. It polishes any wardrobe. 

Trench Coat: Heritage Trench Coat

Top: Joie “Hanelle”

Jeans: Free People

Shoes: Christian Louboutin



One Comment Add yours

  1. ashleynichelle says:

    I love Burberry trenches and the beige ones looks fantastic on you! I opted for the black version as the beige one washed me out with my blonde hair 🙂


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