I really love this bodysuit I bought from @nastygal. They’re 
one of my favorite places to shop from. Their app is incredibly easy to navigate – too easy, I should say. My future posts will have many, I say again “many” clothes from this site!! 
I’ve been seeing this bodysuit everywhere. I think the first time I saw this was when Kim Kardashian wore it and it just blew up. All minor and major brands came out with their own similar designs but I think @nastygal killed it with their version!! This one in particular, but most clothes from @nastygal has very good quality yet affordable. Ive been consistently happy with my orders so far. 
Since its sleeved, I matched it with shorts (skirts and tightass jeans ok). You can dress it down for brunch or dress it up to bars. It’s super versatile. One quality I love in clothes. This is the reason why I’m so overly obsessed with clothes with edge!! The booties I bought from zara for only 20$$$$ !!! I wasn’t even looking to buy shoes and it was the last one in my size plus clearance sale! Its simple, sexy yet comfortable. A rare quality in shoes. Its not all leather, mostly polyester but doesn’t look cheap. 
Bodysuit: Nasty Gal (Here)
Shorts: Pacsun
Heels: Zara
Bag: Alexander Wang
IMG_0046IMG_0001IMG_0008IMG_0016IMG_0037IMG_0031 2IMG_0033IMG_0022


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